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People from whole world write posts, news and create content. A lots of people create blogs where they publish self experiences and give their thoughts a beautiful looks. Did you try put advertisement to your blog and earn some money but not get much of it? What if somebody give you a real chance to earn serious money without risk or big starting capital? All of it by writing posts on our blog. Blogee.Net - Create and Get Paid.

We are community of users which add contents to big database of posts. For each activity on our web user will receive certain quantity of points that can be paid once a month at PayPal. This option is unlocked to users after they donate symbolical amount through PayPal gateway to our community. Every user can decide on their own free will. This also described by our Affiliate Partner program.

Community of users on our database approves posts by themselves. Once a user has reached 100 written and approved posts, he / she becomes competent to approve other user posts.

We have prepare commission points for every user you bring to our community. We are preparing a fair distribution of points from advertising profits and a draw to our own Lottery.

This way we are opening a new opportunity to earn money for what you do all the time on internet for free. You get the points for:

  • posts
  • their edit
  • approval
  • comments at posts
  • rating at posts
  • bringing a new user (partner)
  • being in our community = advertising commission points

For more information visit the Blogee.Net section in the left menu to find out everything you need for our mutual teamwork. We'll be happy to see your posts.
Blogee.Net - Create and Get Paid.

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